Hello! Welcome to our shop RAFAALY. Thank you very much for dropping by. If you are looking for fragrance, you have come to the right place. We are selling awesome products such as Car & Home Fragrance, Air Freshener, Essential oil, Non Alcohol Perfume (NAP) & Body Mist Fragrance. Lets check it out in our ONLINE SHOP.



Our Team

  Mrs Farah Amani Basharuddin. Founder. rafa.fragrance@gmail.com. 

  Mr Rahmat Azme. Chief Operation Officer. rafa.fragrance@gmail.com

  Miss Nur Farah Ain. Operation Manager. nurfarahain.rafa@gmail.com. +6011 1601 2769

  Miss Siti Aisyah . Marketing Support. sitiaisyah91.rafa@gmail.com. +6011 3313 2769

  Miss Siti Afiqah. Sales Support. sitiafiqah.rafa@gmail.com. +6011 5112 7269

Our Products

Every single product at RAFAALY must meet our strict requirements of quality.Quality is our highest priority when it comes to selecting our products. Each product is carefully screened to make sure there are no tears or any other defects before putting it up for sale. 

Our Guarantees

Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we want you to know that the range of fragrance that we offer are guaranteed safe to used.